IMBERAL® Aquarol Winter 16D

IMBERAL® Aquarol Winter 16D

Ready-to-use, adhesion-improving special primer for structural waterproofing up to -5 °C

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IMBERAL® Aquarol Winter 16D is a red-pigmented primer with a chemical and physical action, specially matched to the stringent requirements of modern waterproofing technology.

Bonds the adhering dust (abrasion, cement and quartz dust) to the mineral structural surface.

Compacts structural surfaces through silicate bonding and forms a substrate that is capable of bearing loads, for the waterproofing to follow.

Reduces the absorbency of the substrate by hydrophobising of the surface zone and reduces the danger of water seepage of the waterproofing.

  • Water-repellent
  • Consolidating
  • Can be brushed, rolled and sprayed
  • Frost resistant up to -5 °C
  • Patented
  • Dry and temporarily slightly moist surfaces
  • Absorbent mineral substrates
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces