INTRASIT® Aquarol 10A

INTRASIT® Aquarol 10A

Solvent-free, ready-to-use, adhesion-improving 3-phase special primer

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INTRASIT® Aquarol 10A is a primer that acts chemically and physically, and was specially designed to meet the high requirements of state-of-the-art repair technology.

Due to its liquid consistency, it can be applied very easily and quickly.

  • Binds adhering dust (abraded particles, cement dust and quartz dust) to the surface of mineral building materials
  • Strengthens building material surfaces by means of silicate compounds and forms a load-bearing base for subsequent coatings
  • Reduces the substrate absorbency by waterproofing the surface zone
  • Good penetration due to a special combination of nano-scale active ingredients
  • Reduces the penetration of salt close to the surface zone
  • Sulphate-resistant
  • Dry and slightly humid, absorbent, mineral substrates
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces