Your basement is wet and cannot be renovated from the outside? Your old half-timber house consists mainly of cracks and damaged joints? Your historic wine cellar is under water? Your children move into your basement and the use of the rooms changes. What now? Your drinking water tank has to be properly sealed?

Don’t grow desperate, our INTRASIT® segment offers solutions and systems that have been tried-and-tested for many years. Further developed through the experience of our customers, today we have established an efficient programme that can solve these problems.

Buildings represent value – material value as well as ideal value. Often older buildings have their own individual charm. However, they are also especially in need of protection and renovation: Penetrating moisture is the worse enemy of a building; in particular, it threatens the substance of the building and the quality of living in the parts of the building contacting the soil. Today, basements represent much more than storage area or laundry room. As versatile as the purpose, appearance and materials of older homes and buildings are, so are the initial situations and damage symptoms. What is certain: as soon as water penetrates the building, the destruction begins. Quick and especially professional renovation is therefore very important.

The main reasons for moisture in the masonry are (aside from leaky pipes or roofs):


  • capillary effect –missing horizontal barriers enable the material to “absorb” water and the dissolved salts contained therein like a sponge.
  • condensation – water vapour, which is present in every building and home, condenses (e.g. due to a thermal bridge) at cold areas.
  • osmosis – groundwater (usually low salt content) often penetrates salt materials, because it is following its urge to find the greatest possible dilution. This leads to strong currents that result in a water level increase within the masonry. At the evaporation point, the crystallization of the transported salts often lead to additional damage.

Renovation of inside walls with system: for every case, the right solution

Every building and every level of damage is different. Therefore, detailed analysis of the object is prerequisite for professional renovation, so that every damage symptom can be coped with the right solution and implementation guaranteed by the tried-and-tested INTRASIT® products of the hahne renovation systems. We support you in a professional and reliable way.

Possible Application areas:

  • wet and salt-loaded basement walls
  • Renovation of inner basement walls with system: for every case the right solution
  • Rising moisture in the basement walls
  • Increasing user requirements concerning basements with moist atmosphere
  • Foundation exposed to spray water